Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Flowers at the Sofitel Metropole

Pretty flowers make my day. Somehow they make me smile. More than receiving a bouquet of flowers, I would much rather plant them. Too bad there's not much space at home. Oh well. I get to do that when I'm at my lola's house in Baguio. So as a compromise I love looking at floral arrangements.

Here are a few from the Metropole. Simple yet so pretty.

At the hotel entrance

At one of the cozy nooks

To cheer you up while eating

Or when you're having a nightcap

Maybe I can try to do this at home sometime...Kailan kaya?

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Proposed Hanoi Itinerary

My former boss Men and his wife are going to Hanoi next week. They asked me if I could provide them with an itinerary. Been to Hanoi twice but I never really jotted down the places I visited and the restaurants I tried. So with the help of my friends in Hanoi, here is a list of places that I suggest you try.

Dear Men,

Check these places out: (The first 5 items' text are taken from Lonely Planet)
(Pictures are mine)

  • 1 Old Quarter

    Discover the Asia you dreamed about in the bustling back streets of the Old Quarter

  • 2 Temple of Literature

    Step into history, and a spiritual retreat from the busy streets beyond, at the Temple of Literature

  • 3 Water puppets

    Enjoy a giggle at Punch and Judy in a pool, watching the city’s famed water puppets

  • 4 Ho Chi Minh’s Mausoleum

    See ‘Uncle Ho’ in the flesh at Ho Chi Minh’s Mausoleum

  • 5 Vietnam Museum of Ethnology

    Piece together the country’s ethnic mosaic at the wonderful Vietnam Museum of Ethnology
Food and Restaurants:

When you're at the Old Quarter, try "Bun Cha Hang Manh" Restaurant in No.1 Hang Manh Street - for pork skewers and spring rolls with salad. No ambiance at all (as in 0 for ambiance) but food is good. You sit on small plastic stools. Bring your own chopsticks lest you use the one that have been used and just washed.

For Vietnamese food from different regions go to Quan An Ngon at 18 Phan Boi Chau [Between Ly Thuong Kiet and Hai Ba Trung, one block East of Le Duan.] Think of fastfood dining al fresco style. The place gets full so it's good to be there slightly before lunch or dinner so you can get a place. I kept going back here because there were so many choices all in one place.

La Place at 4 Ấu Triệu street. Didn't try this but this is my friend's fav restaurant. They also serve the grilled pork on skewers and noodles but place is cozy and nice according to her. Around that area (St. Joseph Church at the cross between Nha Tho str and Ly Quoc Su streets) are interesting shops too.

"Chim Sao" at 65 Ngõ Huế street. I didn't try this too but she recommends it.

Hanoi Garden at 36 Hàng Mành
according to her also serves good vietnamese food.

When you're around the lake, try the cafe's there so you can rest a bit after much walking. Around that area is Fanny's Ice Cream which is a must too. Think of it as a reward for all the walking you've done.

Their well-known fastfood is Pho 24 for a bowl of steaming noodle soup and bread. I tried the one around the lake. Just google address.

Afternoon Tea and Chocolate Buffet & Sunday Buffet at Sofitel Metropole. If you are there on a Sunday, you shouldn't miss the Sunday buffet ($50/pax). The spread is not that many like the Sofitel here but the quality of food is superb. Most of it is from France and the presentation is more than stunning.

Assorted cheese and bread

If you can't make it to the Sunday buffet, go for the Afternoon tea and chocolate buffet which they have everyday. There are 2 Sofitels at Hanoi so you have to mention Metropole or else they will take you to the other one far from the lake.

Music and Entertainment:

Go to Metropole in the evening for some jazz music and have a scoop of strawberry sorbet and get some drinks.

Hanoi Opera House. Try to catch a show or a ballet performance. Then you can have coffee after or before the show at the coffee house in the grounds of the opera house. You won't miss it.

Hilton Hanoi Opera Hotel. Right beside the Hanoi Opera House. If you want to listen to a string quartet for free, hang out in the lobby at 5 or 6 pm and enjoy the music.


I suggest you check out the Dong Xuan Market (North of the Old Quarter- google the address) first before buying in the small shops at the Old Quarter. I found it to be cheaper here. This is a 3-storey market full of items. Near there is the Paper Shop where I took the nice colorful picture.

Paper Galore!

Monday, August 17, 2009

Snackin' Silly on S&R's Snackees

The last three brownies left

Oh my, last week was quite busy. All the busyness and stress translated to frequent munching on sweet desserts, specifically my chocolate "snackees". It gave me the needed energy boost and made me a bit happier :-)

Bought a small pack of "snackees" from S&R. Approximately P250 per pack, it reminded me of the two-bite brownies which I used to buy with Amy at Wholefoods, NYC. The one at Wholefoods tasted much better- more moist and chocolatey. But well, the snackees are good enough to perk you up especially on a busy work day. Sometimes you don't have time for a real lunch so these do come in handy. And for the cost, it's definitely worth it.

Happy to discover these. I will surely go back to S&R to buy some more.