Friday, September 24, 2010

My Room at Metropole's Opera Wing

Sometime October 2007.  In case you're wondering how the rooms at the Opera Wing looks, here are a few photos I can share.  Take note that the Metropole has the Historical Wing which are the older rooms.  This would be where Charlie Chaplin must have stayed.  On the other hand, the Opera wing is the newer section of the hotel.  I am very fortunate to have stayed at both wings due to unforseen events. 

For starters, I was booked at the Opera Wing when I arrived.

See how nice the room is.  I just love how the interiors were done.  A mixture of French and Vietnamese.  I like how they used black and white with a punch of red.

Look at the lovely wall paper.

Metropole's Chocolate Buffet and Afternoon Tea

Sometime 2007. I am on a roll with my posts about Vietnam.  I know this is way too late but I am hoping that it will help anyone who is on the look out for good places to try in Hanoi.

I've written about the Sunday buffet at the Metropole, specifically their dessert spread.  You can also try the chocolate buffet or the afternoon tea or even both at the Le Club also at the Metropole.

The chocolate buffet is everyday from 3 pm to 5:30 pm.  I paid around $12 for the chocolate buffet three years ago. I can't remember how much the afternoon tea cost.  But it is all worth it.  

I should have taken more photos but I was busy trying out each mouth-watering dessert.


Spanish Film Festival 2010

If you like watching foreign films like me, troop over to Greenbelt 3 for a slew of Spanish films.  Check out the schedule here.

Salad Niscoise - Julia Child's Recipe

I decided to skip the rice (which is a must have for Filipinos) and have a healthy lunch.  Well, almost.  I re-heated the left over callos and paired it with french bread.  But, I did prepare Salad Niscoise. My officemate in Vietnam had this everyday such that when he would call and order lunch they already knew what he was having. 

Note that this is a recipe from  What made this interesting was that it's a recipe from Julia Child's book, "Julia's Kitchen Wisdom".  Best to get the freshest ingredients that you can get your hands on.

Happy eating.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Best Desserts are at the Metropole, Hanoi

Sometime October 2007. I love desserts.  I look forward to having them all the time.  I do not diet and have never stayed away from them.  These were taken during my first trip to Hanoi when I was booked at the Metropole.  Here are snapshots of the desserts at the Le Beaulieu, Metropole's (Sofitel, Hanoi) Sunday buffet.  If you are avoiding sweets, do not read further.