Monday, August 17, 2009

Snackin' Silly on S&R's Snackees

The last three brownies left

Oh my, last week was quite busy. All the busyness and stress translated to frequent munching on sweet desserts, specifically my chocolate "snackees". It gave me the needed energy boost and made me a bit happier :-)

Bought a small pack of "snackees" from S&R. Approximately P250 per pack, it reminded me of the two-bite brownies which I used to buy with Amy at Wholefoods, NYC. The one at Wholefoods tasted much better- more moist and chocolatey. But well, the snackees are good enough to perk you up especially on a busy work day. Sometimes you don't have time for a real lunch so these do come in handy. And for the cost, it's definitely worth it.

Happy to discover these. I will surely go back to S&R to buy some more.

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