Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Fireworks at Phnom Penh's Water Festival

November 21, 2010. Phnom Penh, Cambodia. Fireworks to celebrate the water festival. I'm so happy that they booked me at the Himawari Apartments.  I didn't have to go far to see this. Oh but the downside is that many, if not all restaurants don't deliver to the Himawari because the roads leading to the hotel are closed to vehicular traffic.

I would highly recommend staying at this place if you don't want to brave the crowds by the riverside.  I actually walked over there yesterday.  At some point it was hard to breathe because there were so many people. I thought I would faint at some point. Not a good thing if that happened. 

From the back of the Himawari.  Since my camera (Sony DSC-W30) takes ugly pictures at night, I decided to film it instead.  (Yeah, I know my camera is so old.)

Friday, November 19, 2010

Dining at Siam Square's Somtam

October 2010. Bangkok.  On one of my last nights in Bangkok, Royce took me to Somtam for dinner.  Although he doesn't really like Thai food, he obliged.  Plus it's his wife's favorite place for Thai food. Take note that I too am not fond of spicy food.  But what else is there to eat in Thailand, right?  Besides, I wanted to take my last fill of authentic Thai food.  Here in Manila, I avoid Thai restaurants especially the over-priced ones. There are many I tell you.  It's like they are trying to con people with expensive papaya salad beautifully plated on a gold-rimmed oval platter with a banana leaf. Puhlease!

Wednesday, November 3, 2010

Learning about whiskey

I have been out of Manila for sometime working abroad.  Maybe working too hard.  But after one of those late night meetings with colleagues, they decided to have some drinks at my hotel before heading home.  My hotel is conveniently located in between the office and the BTS.  No reason to rush home yet since it was happy hour. Plus we all needed a break.

First round of drinks consisted of a local Thai beer, a couple of mojitos, apple juice (for me) and red wine.  I was the only one drinking juice which was ok since I, er, WE have not had dinner yet.  When the second round came along, I decided to order a tequila.  The rest ordered the same thing-beer, mojitos and red wine.  The boss (not mine) was surprised that I drank tequila.  Well, I really don't. Not recently though- maybe not in the past 10 years or so.  Just so you know, I dislike mixed alcoholic drinks.  I know they taste good but it's not me.  No blended drinks of that sort.  If ever I order anything blended then it might as well be a fruit shake.