Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Don't Miss Cafe de la Paix in Siem Reap

If there's a restaurant or cafe that I would love to keep revisiting in Siem Reap, Cafe de la Paix would be it. Situated on the ground floor of Hotel de la Paix, the cafe is a like a breath of fresh air from the dusty roads of the city. Its minimalist interiors and black and white color scheme exudes a relaxing atmosphere.

I can't remember how I discovered this place. I may have read it in the Lonely Planet book or some recommendation I saw over the web.

Upon entering the cafe, you instantly see the menu which is written on a chalkboard.  They have sandwiches, pizza, salads, coffee and desserts to name a few.


I distinctly remember a a sign in the cafe saying that all their food is homemade and prepared by the staff. So all the bread and ice cream is not bought from other food suppliers.  It sounds great because that means that they put a premium on food quality.

If you still don't know what you want to order check out their display counter where they have prepared salads and sandwiches.

Its quite a distance from my hotel- a $3 tuktuk ride but I was hoping that it would be worth the trip.  It was 3 pm when I got to Cafe de la Paix. I decided to spend the morning at the hotel and sleep the entire time. So this was sort of lunch and merienda for me. After a few minutes of thinking what would suit a late lunch like this, I ordered the salad niscoise.


The salad came with a crusty bread. Truth to tell, this was the best bread I've ever tasted. Crusty on the outside but soft and a bit chewy- a perfect match for the salad.


I loved every bit of the salad and there were no leftovers whatsoever. And that's unusual for me.

Sivutha Boulevard
Siem Reap
+855 63 966 000
Fax: +855 63 966 001

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