Monday, August 29, 2011

Dining at One of Bangkok's Street Corners

(Sometime October 2010.)  S and I decided to have something while waiting for two of our friends. Please take note that even if we ordered the cheapest items, S and I still had to share. This was the most expensive fried rice and shrimp balls I ever paid for.  But you can see why, right?  Presentation is beautiful and the surrounding view is amazing. (Sorry for the awful pictures.)

Meanwhile, our two other friends, M and E didn't have a bite and it was already almost midnight.  So Em suggested dinner at the street corner across the Dome.  

May I just say that the food here was a million times more delicious and a fraction of the price of what we paid for our shrimp balls and fried rice at Sirocco. But there's no ambiance and no view.  However, food is yummy and CHEAP.


 Oyster cake

 Tom Yum

I wasn't able to take pictures of everything we ate at this small food stall which is understandable. I was really hungry. Eat first, pictures later.

If ever you visit Sirocco, pass by this small food stall, eat a lot then you can spend more for the very expensive drinks at the sky bar.

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