Friday, May 29, 2009

QIJI's Nasi Lemak and Popiah

Having arrived so late in the evening, we (Bel, Sittie and I) were looking forward to a hefty breakfast. Sittie recommended that we try Qiji which was quite near our hotel (Southeast Asian Hotel - sounds sosyal but it's not) along Rochor Road.

I had a nasi lemak which consisted of rice cooked in coconut, dilis, fried chicken wing. egg omelet and something similar to our local bagoong all for $3.99.*

I have tried better nasi lemak's or something similar in Jakarta so I wasn't too impressed.

What I enjoyed was the popiah. It's similar to our fresh lumpia. It has vegetables, peanuts, chili and a sweet sauce all rolled in a wrapper for something like $2 only. This is what Qiji is known for according to it's website.

It's just too bad that I didn't get to bring some home. I'm sure my folks would have loved this.

Check their website for a list of Qiji outlets in Singapore.

* 30 pesos to a SNG dollar at the time of writing

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