Thursday, June 18, 2009

Buona Vita: Serving Good Italian Food in Cavite

It was a Saturday, June 15, when I met up with the Agile gang (Ron, Vonj and EJ). We would usually meet at Makati but they decided to troop over to Alabang so that I could have a quick lunch. It was my dad's birthday and I couldn't stay that long. I suggested Kanin Club at Wetsgate because I wanted to try the crispy dinuguan that my cousins have been raving about. Was really looking forward to the crispy dinuguan but Ron is sooo picky when it comes to food. He doesn't like seafood and the dinuguan didn't seem palatable to him. So after a five-miunte-where-do-we-eat conversation in the car, we finally decided on Italian. I've had enough of ho-hum food at Italianni's so I suggested that we try Buona Vita right across Verdana along Daang Hari.

It was my third time to eat here. Cathy T. introduced me to this restaurant when she organized a lunch for Luchie H. who was in Manila for a few days. Because I loved food and the coziness of the place I brought my folks the weekend after. Mama and Papa loved it. My mom particularly liked the five-cheese pizza. Papa loved the oysters.

Now back to the Agile gang. For starters, they served bread with accompanying pesto and tomato dips. This was Ronald's favorite hands down. Even after the main course, he kept requesting for refills. Good thing the servers obliged.

The baked oysters were next. This was so yummy. It had the right hint of heat to cut the cheesiness of the dish.

Our main course consisted of 2 pizzas- five-cheese pizza and another one with meat plus an order of canelloni. One of the best thin crust cheese pizzas I've tried south of the Manila. So you've gotta go there, I tell you!

We capped our lunch with a heavenly bite of tiramisu, panna cotta and a cup of coffee for EJ.

We had to chalk up P500 each but it was well worth it. Driving down to Cavite isn't all that bad when you can stop over at Buona Vita and have good homestyle Italian fare.

Buona Vita
From Alabang Town Center, take Daang Hari.
Keep driving until you see Verdana to your left.
Buona Vita is just across Verdana.


  1. I had a comment which disagreed with my post about this restaurant and I don't mind disagreement. It's a free country and people should have their own opinions and I respect that. Thing is the comment had so much underlying hatred towards Buona Vita, like it was something personal. Plus, the person, whoever she/he is didn't leave his/her identity. Not fair. If you want your comments published then leave your identity. By the way, there's too much hatred in your heart. Release that. And I know the Italian restaurant in Alabang you were referring to as the "original" (It's Amo Roma). I've eaten there so many times and it is good, I don't dispute that. I have heard a nasty rumor about that restaurant and Buona Vita which I don't want to engage in or even write about because I don't have first-hand knowledge. So be at peace, enough of the emotional outburst.

  2. hi trans and friends, i'm pholie of amoroma restaurant, its just so happend that i'm checking the blogs today that i run to view this blog of yours. myself and my husband nino is truly shock in this comment about this rumor of buona vita and us, we receive several comments that we are not agree of. its true that some of my old staff is there and we are hoping that they will work there as much as they've been here with us in amoroma. it's just so sad that the personnel that we used to trust so much is the one will steal our ideas that we create for many years. im not against in anyone's idea's to create their restaurant even if its japanese, filipino or italian cause there are really a chance that there will be something the same with other resto. our loyal customers is the one who are telling to us about buona vita, we dont care actually so much and its so unethical to argue with such rumor or whatever it is they are saying. we are living peaceful here in tagaytay and we hope that this rumor will stop ones and for all. god bless us and hope that we could meet one day here in tagaytay, just look for me. thanks for this sharing.


  3. Dear Pholie,

    My family and I were sad when we found out that amoroma was no longer in Alabang. To us, that was one of the best, if not the best, Italian restaurants south of the city. We did love and still amoroma. Anyway, been hearing nasty rumors and I have not discussed it here because I do not know the facts and don't have first hand information. I would love to meet you personally in Tagaytay. I may be in Tagaytay this weekend and possibly pass by and say 'hello'. I wish you and your family continued success.