Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Are Your Gadgets Ready to Travel?

I was packed and ready to face 2 grueling weeks in Jakarta. Mind you, it's not for leisure folks but work, work and more work. Along with me are my laptop, camera, ipod, and cellphone. The good news is I am spending the weekend to visit my friend Mitchie in Singapore before flying back to Manila.

To my horror, I forgot to bring the appropriate adapter. I actually didn't have any adapter at hand. No adapter = no pictures with Mitchie and Evan plus no cell phone to boot. Can you beat that? Been traveling so long (3 years!!!) and still not organized.

I don't really shop when abroad but I did buy a set of different types of adapters during my last trip with the girls to Singapore. These are so handy. I saw one being sold in the plane but those are expensive. The set I bought was lime green all for $ 12 (SD) or approximately P360 pesos.

Sittie, my favorite-OC-friend was obviously prepared for our trip. Why am I not surprised. She bought hers at SM hardware for only P250. Had to borrow it for a day so my gadgets wouldn't die on me again for the nth time.

Which adapter should you bring? Take a look below:

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