Friday, September 18, 2009

Seafood Feast at the Grand Cinnamon, Colombo

September 18, 2009, Friday. On Erik's last night in Colombo, we decided to enjoy a seafood dinner at the Grand Cinnamon's, Lagoon restaurant.

Imagine a Manila-dampa style in a hotel. You select the seafood that you want and let them know how you want it prepared. They have a list of suggestions on the wall to help you out. We had the yummy shrimp rolls for starters and a glass of white wine while waiting for the rest of our food to arrive. I decided to have the white curry crab while Erik ordered the black-pepper crab. He wanted more shrimps so we asked them to cook it sweet and sour style. To complete our seafood meal, were the fried rice and stir-fried kangkong.

Service is a lot better than the Taprobane, also at the Grand Cinnamon hotel. The waiters at the Lagoon are attentive and put food on your plate. However, they forgot to serve my white curry crab which we eventually asked them to cancel because when we saw the food, there was no way we'd be able to finish everything.

Erik mentioned that one of the best crabs he's tried were those served to him in Zamboanga. This guy has been to places in the Philippines that I've never been too. Talk about the island off Zamboanga which has pink sand. He's been there. The Philippines, according to him, is one of the three countries in the world that has beaches with pink sand. Amazing, and who else knows that? Not a lot of people know how beautiful the Philippines is.

Back to the food. The black pepper crab had more sauce than I was expecting. I was hoping that it would be less saucy ala Singapore style like the one I tried at Newton's Bay. (The best black pepper crab I had was the one from Balikpapan, Indonesia. So good I tell you. The Jakarta staff and I had that as an afternoon snack. Have yet to try one that beats that.)

The sweet and sour shrimp was good. It wasn't overcooked and the combination of the sweet and sour flavors were perfect for me.

Our dinner didn't come cheap. We had to pay 5,000 rupees each. (A rupee is approximately 140 per US $ at this time of writing.) Never mind the price of the meal, dinner was so much fun.

Shrimp rolls

Black Pepper Crab

Sweet and Sour Shrimp

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