Friday, June 4, 2010

Discovering Chim Sao's Home Cooked Food

I had lunch with some colleagues of mine. Though I wasn't working for their project this time around, they were so gracious to take me out to lunch.

So there we were, five girls in a taxi, off to Chim Sao- a local Vietnamese restaurant.  Because they said that Chim Sao actually refers to a bird, I just had to google it to satisfy my curiosity.

Chim Sao is a restaurant and an art gallery.  For seating options, there are regular tables and chairs at the first floor and cushions and low tables on the second floor.  No footwear is allowed upstairs too.  So if this makes you feel uncomfortable, you can always stay downstairs. We headed upstairs and sat on the cushions. The atmosphere upstairs was more relaxed which was nice.  

Here's a rundown of what we had for lunch.

For starters, we had freshly sliced cucumbers with a salty, spicy dip on the side.

We also ordered the fried oyster cake.  Although I didn't taste any of the oysters, it was still good.  This reminds me of Singapore's "carrot cake" which doesn't have any carrots.

For our main course, we had stir fried kangkong with beef.

Plus a plate of crispy fried squid.

The food is simple yet delicious.  Nothing fancy just good food.  If you like Quan An Ngon, you have to try Chim Sao.  The food is a lot better here, the atmosphere is more relaxed but a bit more pricey.  It's worth it though.

Here's a picture of my colleagues and I after a very satisfying lunch.

If you're up to it, go hop on a motorbike and head over to Chim Sao!

Chim Sao
65 Ngo Hue, Hai Ba Trung District
+84 4 976 0633 


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