Friday, August 20, 2010

Hanoi's Huc Bridge or "Morning Sunlight" Bridge

June 13, 2010. It was a Sunday and I was happy to have some free time.  Even if it had been my third trip to Hanoi, this was my first time to walk on the Huc bridge.  Translated as the morning sunlight bridge, I wonder if the sun's morning rays give a different effect.  It's already beautiful to me even in the afternoon.  I've always called it the "red bridge" since it is painted a bright cherry-red making it stand out amidst the deep-emerald colored water and foliage surrounding the Hoan Kiem lake.  The Huc Bridge is like a demure lady sending signs to the young men to draw near.

A quick stroll on the bridge led me to the Ngoc Son Temple dedicated to Van Xuong, the god of literature.  It was blazing hot that afternoon and you can see that I was so inappropriately dressed in a knit top and black pants.  This made me doubly hot and uncomfortable.  I underpacked this time around- my first. Sigh.

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