Friday, August 20, 2010

Shopping for a Dining Table

I went to one of one furniture shops at Market!Market!

Here is the drawing of the table I may have made.  It's going to be a dark (almost black) finish made from Mahogany wood.  Albert, quoted P15000 for a six seater so I'm thinking it over.  You know budget constraints.  But his store does make lovely furniture.  Their main shop is in Vigan.

I particularly like the legs of the table.  It's English style, according to him. More leg room.

I am also thinking if I should go for a bigger size where the length is 75".

In the meantime, I am thinking of going to Pampanga to check out what they have there. I do want upholstered chairs and according to him, they can do that in Pamapanga.

There's always this desire to rush but I'd rather go slow.  For now, we're using our trusty formica table.  It's been with us for years.

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