Friday, November 19, 2010

Dining at Siam Square's Somtam

October 2010. Bangkok.  On one of my last nights in Bangkok, Royce took me to Somtam for dinner.  Although he doesn't really like Thai food, he obliged.  Plus it's his wife's favorite place for Thai food. Take note that I too am not fond of spicy food.  But what else is there to eat in Thailand, right?  Besides, I wanted to take my last fill of authentic Thai food.  Here in Manila, I avoid Thai restaurants especially the over-priced ones. There are many I tell you.  It's like they are trying to con people with expensive papaya salad beautifully plated on a gold-rimmed oval platter with a banana leaf. Puhlease!

 Back to my dinner. Somtam is a small narrow restaurant with two-floors of seating tucked away in one of those alleys at Siam Square.  Funny that I never noticed Siam Square when I always frequent the Siam stop.  If only I took the time to take a quick peek downwards then I wouldn't have missed it.  It's right across Siam Paragon. I guess I didn't read about this in my Lonely Planet book.Hahaha.  There's a line outside Somtam. Even if there are available chairs inside, they don't allow customers to enter right away. Royce and I think it's a strategy they employ to attract more customers.  Somehow, when I see customers waiting in line it gives me confidence that food must be good.  The wait wasn't that long and there were two long benches outside the restaurant for customers waiting to be seated.  Waiters were quick to get our order so by the time we got a table, our food was ready.  Royce did the ordering.  All I did was order my pepsi and that was it.  Below are a few pictures of what we had.  Yummy but really spicy.  What do you expect.  It's Thai food.

Tom Yum Soup
 Fried Chicken Legs
 Papaya Salad
Sticky Rice
 Ice with Pepsi

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