Wednesday, September 15, 2010

The Best Desserts are at the Metropole, Hanoi

Sometime October 2007. I love desserts.  I look forward to having them all the time.  I do not diet and have never stayed away from them.  These were taken during my first trip to Hanoi when I was booked at the Metropole.  Here are snapshots of the desserts at the Le Beaulieu, Metropole's (Sofitel, Hanoi) Sunday buffet.  If you are avoiding sweets, do not read further.

 The desserts are works of art and are so good.  Words and pictures are not enough.  Hope you get to try them when in Hanoi.

P.S. You need to make a reservation a few days in advance.  They only seat 50 people. I think I spent around $50 the first time.  When I went back in 2010, I spent almost $70.

Entrance at Le Beaulieu

Take your pick!

More to choose from.


Strawberry Shortcake

The Metropole is located at 15 Ngo Quyen Street Hoan Kiem District  10000 HANOI,  VIET NAM
Phone Numbers: (+84)4/38266919 - (+84)4/38266920


  1. Those are mouth-watering desserts! Yum! Kellie xx

  2. Hi Kellie and there was so much more which I didn't photograph. I think I was staring at it for awhile before deciding on what to try first.