Friday, September 24, 2010

My Room at Metropole's Opera Wing

Sometime October 2007.  In case you're wondering how the rooms at the Opera Wing looks, here are a few photos I can share.  Take note that the Metropole has the Historical Wing which are the older rooms.  This would be where Charlie Chaplin must have stayed.  On the other hand, the Opera wing is the newer section of the hotel.  I am very fortunate to have stayed at both wings due to unforseen events. 

For starters, I was booked at the Opera Wing when I arrived.

See how nice the room is.  I just love how the interiors were done.  A mixture of French and Vietnamese.  I like how they used black and white with a punch of red.

Look at the lovely wall paper.

 At the foot of the bed was a flat screen TV.  Nice Vietnamese cabinet.

A nice reading nook at the right of the bed.

Opposite the reading nook is the working desk.


The bathroom was in a lively red color which served as an inspiration to have have my kitchen done in red too.

I was transferred to the Historical Wing because construction at the Opera Wing was ongoing. Imagine hearing all that noise until midnight.  Apparently they were rushing to finish the construction since it was going to be launched soon.

Sadly, I no longer have photos of the of the Historical Wing.   But allow me to share what I remember.  Note that it is more expensive at the Historical Wing.

The hotel kept the original architectural design of the rooms.  Large french windows.  The bathroonm had the claw-foot tub.The interiors were more Asian in my opinion.  Dark heavy furniture.  More subdued lighting.  Well, that's all I can remember folks.

Rates are expensive here but you are staying in one of the top-rated hotels in the world.  Service is ok.  The Four Seasons is still the best for me when it comes to service.  But the Metropole has this surprise factor to make the experience uniquely Sofitel.

If you have the money to burn, go and stay here.

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